As the heart breaks
the soul aches.
It cries,
and sighs,
for relief.
As it heals
time reveals
pain may still be here;
but the time for love is near,
just wait…
But they don’t realize,
when they look in your eyes;
they say… what’s at stake?
The change you had to make;
and you break down…then
Your world crumbles once more.
As the tears begin to pour.
They hit the ground,
you hear no sound,
alone with your thoughts.
As it heals
no one could tell,
what they did to you.
And yet you raise,
your hands in praise,
to the Lord your God;
whose love is everlasting.

*~Candy Rox~*

 Poem "As the Heart Breaks" by Candy Rae Johnson

15 years old, Maryville, Tennessee

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